Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Year off in Bladesmithing

So, I'm back at school.  I took last year off to learn a thing or two about bladesmithing.  I got some tricks, I think.  I spent about nine months of the year in Oakland, California, being a California dude and drinking awesome coffee and awesome beer, working an an awesome local foods coop, not owning a car.   But by night, I would tread the dreaded paths into the deep dark of West Oakland (just kidding, it's a little rough but super super cool), and commune in a cramped cave by candlelight (actually  a huge warehouse with delightful skylights and buzzing with power) with the hunched forms of wizened master smiths (Jeff Pringle and Jim Austin are perfectly normal sized.  Well, Jim is anyway).  I did a lot of dumb stuff at first but I really can't begin to say how much I learned.  But I will anyway, because that's what this blog is for.  So, without further ado, I begin my Chronicle (with pictures!).

Me, hanging from a crane in full traditional Überavian garb.

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