Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This knife belongs to a close friend, who spends a lot of time on the border between nature and dream.  This knife is cloudy contemplation and rainy dronescapes and layers on layers of sky, dirt, and the mist in between.  It is birch and moon, silver liminal aethereal gateways.  Check out its owner's dream-wave creations in this land

The blade is forged of Aldo Bruno's 1095, clay-hardened under the supervision of Matt Venier.  The handle is carved moose antler, cow horn, desert ironwood Jeff Pringle found, and stacked birch bark that my uncle collected.  The ferrule is silver and the pommel cap is salvaged wrought iron from Warner, New Hampshire.

The leather is tooled using only a knife and punches that I forged and filed out of 1084 (except my lantern touchmark).  All organic materials are fully sealed with a beeswax-linseed oil mix, for misty morning contemplations and solitary transcendence of time. 


  1. Eli, are you familiar with David DelaGardelle? You two have a lot of similarities in your forging style. It would be super cool to see a compilation project by you two!

    Any tips for forge welding and pattern welding?