Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's been too long - Finished seax!

Well, that's all there is to say! I finished my seax (almost) in time for Freya's show in the Library Gallery, and here they are!

Handle components sandwiched together. The shiny metal pieces are phosphorus bronze, horrible to cut with the band saw but easy fodder for the disk grinder. The designs on them are simple Norse-inspired borders done with chisels. The upper and lower wooden sections are sandwiched poplar, and the innermost disk is ebony.

Here are the seven components! Each was individually cut, drilled, and filed to fit snug and flush to each other.

Poplar bits stained walnut and runes engraved into the ebony section with the tool in the background. They read "Elias gerĂ°i mik", which means "Elias made me" in Old Norwegian; the same runic inscription was found on a Viking-era Norwegian piece with a different name.

Two pictures of the seax epoxied together and laid next to the simple leather sheath, which was cut, wrapped, and sewn around the seax while wet. When it dried, it had adapted roughly to the shape.

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