Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seax Progress and Filming a Quench

Well, things have been moving along, even though it seems I'll be missing Freya's first day of her show. But my seax for her has been moving along swimmingly, and here are some pictures to prove it. I've finished cutting all of the bronze disks for the "handle sandwich", cut pieces of wood to epoxy together and planed out a little groove in each side for the tang. Here are the photographs:

These operations all took untold hours at the drill press, end mill, band saw, and disk sander. Now what remains is to cut the same size disk from antler for the middle, chisel the designs in, epoxy it all together, and make the scabbard.

The shield remains warped, which I hope to fix today with a paint job.

Here's a video of my friend Jack quenching a sword blade in oil rather than water, to ensure a slower cooling and thus less chance of warping or cracking, an integral part of the heat-treat:

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